Little Creek Press

An Award-Winning Independent Publishing Company in Mineral Point, WI


  • Custom Website Redesign
  • WordPress Development
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Guide
  • Website Copywriting
  • E-commerce set up
  • Events & Ticketing system set up
  • UI/UX

The Objective

The owner of Little Creek Press was looking to dissolve her 30+ year graphic design business to focus solely on publishing. After 10 years, she had decided to reconceptualize the business and focus only on publishing books that celebrate Wisconsin.

Over the years, she has earned a reputation for being honest, transparent, reliable, and producing high quality work. She wanted her brand (including the website and copywriting) to speak for itself. She also wanted to streamline some of her current systems, including the submission process.

Little Creek Press creek in Mineral Point

The Results

A laptop with the Little Creek Press website pulled up

This project was truly a joy. Having owned her own business for other 30 years, this client completely understood what true collaboration can look like. We worked closely to establish a mission, vision, and overall brand identity.

From there, we worked together to revise her logo, create brand colors, and establish an overall look and feel.

When it came time to design the site, the main goals I kept in mind were brand recognition, proving value, and creating an easy navigation system for her ideal users. 

The finished result is clean, clear, user-friendly, and feels so much like her. I was also able to streamline some of her processes by creating a system of automatic emails and other functions for both submissions and orders.

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