The Book Kitchen

Community Cooking Classes & Events in Mineral Point, WI


  • Custom Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • E-commerce set up
  • Events & Ticketing system set up
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Guide
  • Print Design (Rack Cards, Gift Cards)
  • Copywriting Assistance

The Objective

This client came to me in the late stages of opening a community cooking school and events center in Mineral Point, WI.

She needed a website where people could view and sign up for classes as well as purchase books and gift cards online. She also wanted the ability for folks to purchase paper gift cards at events and then use them to purchase things online.

Luckily, this client had a very clear vision as to how she wanted the site to look and feel. She had a logo and idea for a color scheme with some ideas for how she wanted to shift it slightly.

A few of her biggest goals were for the site to be clean but not stuffy, easy to navigate, have a clear calendar, and be photo-heavy. She wanted it to be clear that The Book Kitchen takes what they do seriously, but at the same time prioritizes accessibility and cultivating community. The town of Mineral Point and surrounding Driftless area has an incredibly rich farming and food community that she wants to highlight.

The Results

This project proved to me once again that the most successful projects are those where the client has a clear vision going in, but is open to dialogue. She handed me a complete business plan right off of the bat, along with a logo and colors, and we worked together to create the copy, look & feel, and site map.

With a complete booking system and e-commerce capabilities, The Book Kitchen is now able to have almost 100% of their POS system online. Folks can sign up for classes, preorder cookbooks, and purchase gift cards through the website. 

The client can also manage attendees, view full and filtered calendars, and fulfill orders through the website and apps. 

The resulting look and feel of the site is clean, easy to navigate, and ready for plenty of beautiful professional photos of the new kitchen, classes, community, and more.

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